Enterprise Application Integration

Application integration has become a top priority for the competitive enterprise. With the objective of linking data in diverse information systems, application integration allows organizations to access intelligence more quickly, share it broadly with employees at every level, and leverage existing investments in IT.

To gain or maintain competitive advantage, Jurant Technologies's application integration consulting expertise provides organizations reusable, flexible, service-orientated technology and data integration solutions (on and off-premise). Leveraging a focused, tailored and flexible application integration strategy, our consultants assess your EAI service portfolio and identify functions that can be outsourced or eliminated. From there, our consulting services and application integration solutions give you the tools to enable seamless integration to information, employees and trading partners in cost effective ways that evolve with your business environment.

Jurant Technologies's holistic integration service approach ensures that entire multi-enterprise applications are integrated and developed within the context of the business rather than in isolation; that the systems satisfy business requirements within all levels of the enterprise; and that they remain flexible and responsive to changes in the business strategy.

We provide end-to-end solutions to different industries

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