Software Product Development

Jurant Technologies engages in end-to-end product development enabling you to focus on your core business. Our product development heritage of 20+ years, ability to innovate, and deep technology experience are the key reasons for all our successful partnerships.

Our product development services score high on performance, security, maintainability and scalability. We can develop your product from start to finish, or handle individual segments of the process for you (such as architecture, UI development, functionality development, QA and security testing).

We offer the full range PDLC services, from Design and Development to Sustenance and Support, Platform Modernization and Application Management.

Architecture Design The designs and architecture we create specifically for software development companies are extensible, maintainable, adaptable to change, portable to different environments and able to interface with 3rd party products.

Pre-launch usability testing Test your app prototype with real users. Identify their requirements and understand what they expect from using the application. It’ll do better than documentation and design mock-ups.

Quality Engineering Jurant Technologies's QA, Test and Usability teams and Quality Assurance Centers of Excellence optimize test cycles, improve coverage through test planning and execute manual and automated tests.

Sustenance Engineering Leave it to us to handle your entire Sustenance Engineering function, from enhancements and bug fixes to the product management of individual products or entire product lines.

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